Three Winters Nights to Warm Your Heart

As the wind howls and the sky looks ominous and grey outside, there is no need to suffer with the winter blues. The Sound Doctor has THREE shows to look forward to at the end of July, over a weekend of album launches that truly has something for everyone!

If you like your music loud, then get along to see incredible post-punk trio Cable Ties on Fri 28 July. For something a little more gentle, you want won’t to miss two of the most beautiful Indigenous performers on the scene at the moment – Jess Hitchcock supported by Jem Cassar-Daley – serenading us on Saturday 29 July. Then we’re inviting the whole family to join alt-country queen Fanny Lumsden for a super fun knees up on Sunday 30 July. Tickets to all three shows are on sale now!

Cable Ties + Our Carlson – Tickets $35 (standing only)

Jess Hitchcock + Jem Cassar-Daley – Tickets $45 (seated) $40 (standing)

Fanny Lumsden – Tickets $45 (seated) $40 (standing)


Supporting Adalita on Saturday 27 May

Amaya Laucirica is an Australian singer/songwriter whose music combines the swirling contours of Cocteau Twins with the wistful melodies of The Go-Betweens and the lush, sonic depth of Yo La Tengo. Within this rich palette of sound resides Amaya’s uniquely captivating voice, restrained yet beautiful, with rich breathy tones offering touching moments of yearning and lament.

Since 2008, she has released three critically acclaimed albums, with her most recent Rituals described as “absorbing and mesmerising” (The Morning Star, UK) and “Bright and brilliant” (GoldFlakePaint, UK).

She will be joining Adalita on Saturday May 27, and we can’t wait to have her play.

Only a handful of tickets still left – Book yours now.

Buy Tickets to Adalita $40 – $45

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ID: Photo of Amaya Laucirica. She is wearing black and has dark coloured hair. Her body faces the left and her head is turned towards the camera. She has pensive look on her face.

Phoebe Go supporting Mia Wray

Saturday 25 March is shaping up to be one very special evening! Not only can you hear the divine Mia Wray performing tracks from her stunning new EP, but we’re excited to announce Phoebe Go will be the support act. 

Phoebe Go is the exciting new solo project of Australian alt-pop artist Phoebe Lou (from Snakadaktal). It’s a heartfelt project that at its core, is full of hope. It’s about growing up, staying young, losing your feet and finding them again. It’s lyrically heavy at the crux, but there’s lightness for a reason. It’s passing Go and collecting $200 on the monopoly board. It’s the sweet milk at the end of a bowl of Crunchy Nut. It’s a NASA mission control countdown and Phoebe Go is the rocket.

Phoebe Go released an EP in December last year and she’s fresh from supporting Soccer Mommy in Melbourne and about to support Muna on their headline Aussie show  – and Mia Wray covered Muna for triple j’s Like a Version recently so really it’s meant to be!. We know you’re going to love her and it’s even more reason to make sure you don’t miss out on this show. 

Buy Tickets to Mia Wray $30

Adalita heading our way!

As if it wasn’t enough that we have a huge March weekend of music coming up – with Tex Perkins and The Fat Rubber Band in a totally sold out show on Friday 24 March and Mia Wray on Saturday 25 March  but we’ve already got you excited for May with Jen Cloher on Friday 26 May with tickets flying out the door.

Well now you’re absolutely spoilt for choice, as we announce Adalita is heading to Anglesea on Saturday 27 May and tickets are on sale now

Adalita is well-known and well-loved by many Sound Doctor fans, so it will be welcome news that her upcoming album tour will bring her back to the Surf Coast for an intimate show in Anglesea Memorial Hall. 

And she won’t be coming empty handed – she’s bringing her stunning new album, Inland and some very special guests, including her powerhouse band consisting of Matt Bailey (Paradise Motel) on bass, Dan McKay (Nation Blue) on drums and Lewis Boyes (Dan Kelly and the Alpha Males) on lead guitar. Together they’ll perform songs from Inland in a specially curated set in her trademark captivating style.

Tickets have just gone on sale – but they will not last long! Book yours now.

Buy Tickets to Mia Wray $30

Buy Tickets to Jen Cloher $45

Buy Tickets to Adalita $40 – $45

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ID: Photo of Adalita, standing outside on a light pink salt lake with clouds in the distance. She is wearing a black top and pants and resting her right hand on her left wrist. Her hair is windswept and she is looking off to her left side with her face directly towards the camera.

Jen Cloher heading our way

After an incredible night out with Parsnip and Ty Segall with his Freedom Band in January, there is a definite buzz around about The Sound Doctor. So we thought we’d strike while the iron’s hot and give you another awesome act to look forward to. Jen Cloher is returning to Anglesea on Friday 26 May with their latest album and tickets are on sale now!

Before we get there we still have a huge weekend in March to enjoy with Tex Perkins and The Fat Rubber Band on Friday 24 March and Mia Wray on Saturday 25 March. Tickets are selling well so don’t delay in getting yours – you don’t want to be the one who misses out!

And don’t forget you can buy a Jeff Raglus designed Sound Doctor t-shirt when you buy your show ticket or anytime here. Well while stocks last anyway!

Buy Tickets to Jen Cloher $45
Buy Tickets to Tex Perkins and The Fat Rubber Band $45
Buy Tickets to Mia Wray $30

It’s hard to believe that it was five years ago that Jen Cloher (Ngāpuhi & Ngāti Kahu) got Sound Doctor audiences out of their chairs for the first time and cheering up a storm! We are so excited Jen is back with a new album to rock Anglesea once again on Friday 26 May.

Jen’s taut, terse brand of rock is charged with the static tension that comes with being an eternal misfit – they have spoken truth to power with the shrewd eye that only an outsider can possess. Admirers have naturally gravitated towards Jen’s incisive, generous songwriting and their first album in five years (the verdant and rich I Am The River, The River Is Me) is inspired by Jen’s powerful matrilineal line of wāhine Māori. It’s filled with fiercely political songs that are as much an energetic celebration as a form of resistance.

If you missed Jen the last time they were in Anglesea, you will not want to make that mistake again! 

“A modern day Patti Smith whose brutally honest, politically charged lyrics mark her out as one of the most interesting and important artists of her day.” The Independent UK

ID: This is a photo of Jen Cloher looking directly into the camera. Their mouth is closed and chin is slightly raised. There is an indistinct red and orange background. They look strong and confident.

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Hello 2023!

It’s time to buy tickets to see Mia Wray and Tex Perkins and The Fat Rubber Band in March

As we all start to come out of holiday mode, it’s nice to have something to look forward to. So get out your diaries and lock in the first full weekend of Sound Doctor music for 2023 on Fri 24 & Sat 25 March. We’re excited to announce we have Mia Wray heading to Anglesea on her EP tour and Tex Perkins with his Fat Rubber Band bringing their soon-to-be-released second album to the Surf Coast. Tickets for both shows are on sale now!

We haven’t forgotten that before that happens, Ty Segall and his Freedom Band are playing for us on Fri 20 Jan. But as that has been sold out for so long now and there won’t be any tickets available, we didn’t want to rub it in if you missed out on yours!

Here’s to plenty of great gigs in 2023!

Buy Tickets to Tex Perkins and The Fat Rubber Band $45

Buy Tickets to Mia Wray $30

ID: Image is a photo of Mia Wray wearing a grey top in front of a grey smooth wall. She is leaning to the side and has one arm extended up above her head. Her eyes are closed.

December just got hotter

We know you’re all busy planning the upcoming silly season, and we hope you’re in the mood for great music! We are beyond excited to announce that Grace Cummings is bringing her distinctive voice, intensely personal songs and rocking band to Anglesea on Friday 2 December.

Tickets are $40 and on sale now.

A captivating performer Grace Cummings is a uniquely gifted folk rock musician who has developed a global audience since the release of her critically acclaimed album, ‘Storm Queen’, earlier this year. Her songwriting reflects a strong connection to the Australian landscape, while influenced by  poets and luminaries from Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan to Brett Whitely and Van Gogh. With a voice that demands to be heard and lyrics that cut through to the heart, this show will leave listeners gasping for air.

But don’t take our word for it – here’s what the press have to say:

“Cummings isn’t content to merely sing along to her melodies. She tears her low, surging voice to shreds, braying like she’s beckoning you from the opposite end of a crowded room. It adds an eerie, intense quality to her music – a desperation behind the calm of her arrangements.” Pitchfork

“Exquisite, desolate, beautiful… Grace Cummings’ voice blazes a loving flash of energy like fire.” Your Music Radar

Support will come from Melbourne psychedelic pop outfit Sunfruits.

“Watery guitar effects, a tight-as-hell rhythm section, and those heavily melodic vocals – Sunfruits are coming into bloom, and there’s no telling where this journey will stop.” – Clash Magazine (UK)

Emily Lubitz heading to Anglesea

The name probably sounds familiar to Sound Doctor fans, who might remember a stunning performance from Tinpan Orange a few years back. It’s still one of the highlights of our catalogue not least because of Emily’s unbelievable voice. We can’t wait to hear it again, performing all new music in what will be a captivating live show. 

Very few artists can cradle your heart in their hands while they kick your ass. but that’s the power of Emily Lubitz and her captivating vocals. With the super-fun creativity of her all-grrrl rhythm section behind her, Emily prowls the stage with the gravitas of a giant Edith Piaf stalking through a post-apocalyptic Laurel Canyon. Tickets are on sale now – don’t miss it!

Buy Tickets to An Evening with Emily Lubitz Now – $35

ID: Photograph of Emily Lubitz looking into the camera, with a soft focus around the edges. She has a matchstick hanging our of the corner of her mouth.

Three quick questions

Three Quick Questions for Maple Glider

Tori Zietsch the singer-songwriter behind Maple Glider asnwered a few quick qs ahead of her show on Sat 1 Oct

Buy Tickets to Maple Glider with Ruby Gill $35

Who or what inspired you to get into music?
I became pretty obsessed with music as a young kid. I sang in the school choir from grade 3 and started writing poems and songs when I was 9 or 10. In high school my family shared a little netbook computer. At that time a lot of the music playlisted seemed to be all-male indie rock bands. I’d google different genres of music to find the women who played in those genres. That’s when I first remember listening to Fiona Apple, Joan Baez and Nina Simone. I also riddled the computer with 103 viruses from downloading music on Limewire and was banned from using it for a while (my first lesson in paying for music!).

The first show I bought a ticket to was Sarah Blasko and Jack Ladder at the Starcourt Theatre in my hometown of Lismore, on Bundjalung land. I remember Sarah started playing a solo song and made a mistake and stopped and laughed about it before starting again. It made me feel so connected to her, and I was very inspired by it. I realised I was drawn to the humanness and rawness of watching and performing live music. I often think about that moment when I’m playing music now 🙂   

What are you looking forward to about your Sound Doctor gig?
I’ve been conscious of the Sound Doctor gigs for a while now and I’m so stoked I get the opportunity to play one with my beautiful band and Ruby Gill, who I love. I played some of my first gigs as a teenager in halls and I think this may be the first Maple Glider gig we’ll get to play in one. There is something very cosy and warm about sharing music in a hall. It’s one of my favourite settings for music. Also we get to come to Anglesea… hell to the yeah. 

What are you listening to now?
I’ve been smashing Marlon William’s new record My Boy. It only came out recently but I think I already know the lyrics to all of the songs. Ruby Gill’s debut album, I’m Gonna Die With This Frown On My Face. Ngaiire 3, Hannah Mckittrick Shells, Phoebe Go, Coco, Karen Dalton, Juan Waters, Emma Donovan and The Putbacks, Big Scary, and the birds in my backyard.

Meet Jasmin Adria

Jasmin Adria is supporting Ben Lee on Fri 30 Sep (SOLD OUT)

Ahead of her Sound Doctor show, we asked Jan Juc up and coming musician Jasmin a few quick questions.

Who or what inspired you to get into music?
Ever since I was young I’ve been a big fan of music and was introduced to different styles by my dad. We would listen and sing in the car all the time to musicians such as Pearl Jam, Kate Miller Heidke, Avril Lavigne and Bob Marly. But after begging my parents to buy me a guitar when I was seven because my friend’s dad had one, I was hooked. I really loved watching other people performing, local legends and that’s kinda what got me inspired to perform and be a part of the music community. 

What did you love about growing up on the Surf Coast?
i think it’s the people and their views and attitudes towards life and the environment. Being so close to the beach I love that there is a real urgency to protect our environment around us. There is this real awareness that I don’t think is present in many other areas. Also the people are so lovely, there is a sense of community here and people really do care about each other and helping each other out. 

What can audiences expect from your set?
What audiences can expect from my performance is a mix of songs that reflect my experience with being a teenager and the emotions of viewing the world as you grow up. My music is heavily inspired by 1960s and 1970s folk rock, so expect some folk songs with some angst. 

Favourite ever concert experience?
This is a hard one. I really loved seeing Gang of Youths at the bushfire awareness concert back in 2020 (Down to Earth Concert) . They were absolutely incredible. The Foo Fighters in Geelong this year was also incredible too. To see such a huge act who is so legendary was amazing – also the moshpit was crazy. There were also some really great shows from Kate Miller Heidke and Courtney Barnett, who are some of my favourite artists. 

What are you listening to right now?
I’ve been listening to a lot of Ruby Gill’s stuff since her new album I’m Gonna Die With This Frown On My Face came out a few weeks ago, and it’s absolutely excellent. I’ve been a fan of Ruby for a little while, after being introduced to her by my dad and listening to her track ‘You should do this for a living’. I just love her ability to write with her raw and authentic voice and expression of different life experiences. I’ve also been listening to quite a bit of Aloe Blacc after hearing a cool cafe in Collingwood play vinyl and quite a bit of Hozier as he has this radiant and warm tone that I can’t get enough of. 

What are you most looking forward to about performing for The Sound Doctor?
I’ve been a big fan of The Sound Doctor shows for quite a while and have seen some really amazing acts. When I was asked to play I was extremely excited, as it’s been kind of a dream venue of mine to play at for quite a while. I love the intimacy in the venue. I’m also extremely excited to open for Ben Lee. He is one of the big voices of Australian music and a songwriter that can capture the culture here in Australia .