Katie Noonan's Elixir

Katie Noonan’s Elixir – The Gratitude and Grief tour

Multi-platinum selling and five-time ARIA award-winning singer and songwriter Katie Noonan returns to her jazz trio Elixir for a magical afternoon of music and poetry. This successful trio exists to explore new musical opportunities and relationships and thrives in unusual collaborative environments – where text and sound meet.

In a first for The Sound Doctor, we’re bringing beautiful music to your Sunday. The concert will feature the new ‘Gratitude and Grief’ collaboration between Elixir and Michael Leunig, showcasing a unique combination of poetry, angelic vocals and sublime improvisation. With some of Elixir’s previous catalogue and a few of their favourite songs by other artists, this promises to be a truly special musical event.

Katie Noonan’s Elixir
Ticket $45
Sun Mar 24, 2019