Meet Our Special Guest Support Acts

We’ve told you all about our exciting headline artists already, so now it’s time to introduce the special guests who’ll be opening our November gigs.

Jason Lowe is a name familiar to many music lovers on the Surf Coast. But for those who haven’t yet had the pleasure of hearing him perform, we asked him to describe his sound.

‘My sound could be described as Alternative/New Age Folk, inspired in particular by the legendary singer songwriters of the 60s and 70s. I sing and perform my songs on lap slide guitar, acoustic guitar and piano.

What I love most about performing live is connecting with the audience, and the energy exchange that takes place. The heightened emotional levels that can be experienced are profound. I reach out to an audience with my soul not only through song but through storytelling and personal interaction.’

If you take a look at this clip you’ll understand just what Jason means.

If it’s heavenly harmonies you’re after then it’s Broads you want to hear. We asked Kelly and Jane to tell us how they got started together and what they love about performing intimate shows – like you’ll experience when they come to Anglesea.

‘We were singing together for about 10 years before we decided to start Broads. We were one half of an acappella band called The Nymphs, but also got around as guest singers and backing vocalists for a whole bunch of different bands in Melbourne. It was a long time coming, but we eventually knew we had to create our own project.

We love intimate shows because the best feeling as a performer is when you really connect with an engaged audience. We often play with a full band these days, but being able to go back to our original form, as an acoustic duo, and create something personal and raw is such a rush. It’s why we do what we do!’

Check out their dreamy sound here!