A photo of Mia Wray

Hello 2023!

It’s time to buy tickets to see Mia Wray and Tex Perkins and The Fat Rubber Band in March

As we all start to come out of holiday mode, it’s nice to have something to look forward to. So get out your diaries and lock in the first full weekend of Sound Doctor music for 2023 on Fri 24 & Sat 25 March. We’re excited to announce we have Mia Wray heading to Anglesea on her EP tour and Tex Perkins with his Fat Rubber Band bringing their soon-to-be-released second album to the Surf Coast. Tickets for both shows are on sale now!

We haven’t forgotten that before that happens, Ty Segall and his Freedom Band are playing for us on Fri 20 Jan. But as that has been sold out for so long now and there won’t be any tickets available, we didn’t want to rub it in if you missed out on yours!

Here’s to plenty of great gigs in 2023!

Buy Tickets to Tex Perkins and The Fat Rubber Band $45

Buy Tickets to Mia Wray $30

ID: Image is a photo of Mia Wray wearing a grey top in front of a grey smooth wall. She is leaning to the side and has one arm extended up above her head. Her eyes are closed.