Three Winters Nights to Warm Your Heart

As the wind howls and the sky looks ominous and grey outside, there is no need to suffer with the winter blues. The Sound Doctor has THREE shows to look forward to at the end of July, over a weekend of album launches that truly has something for everyone!

If you like your music loud, then get along to see incredible post-punk trio Cable Ties on Fri 28 July. For something a little more gentle, you want won’t to miss two of the most beautiful Indigenous performers on the scene at the moment – Jess Hitchcock supported by Jem Cassar-Daley – serenading us on Saturday 29 July. Then we’re inviting the whole family to join alt-country queen Fanny Lumsden for a super fun knees up on Sunday 30 July. Tickets to all three shows are on sale now!

Cable Ties + Our Carlson – Tickets $35 (standing only)

Jess Hitchcock + Jem Cassar-Daley – Tickets $45 (seated) $40 (standing)

Fanny Lumsden – Tickets $45 (seated) $40 (standing) $25 Under 15 (standing)