Emily Lubitz heading to Anglesea

The name probably sounds familiar to Sound Doctor fans, who might remember a stunning performance from Tinpan Orange a few years back. It’s still one of the highlights of our catalogue not least because of Emily’s unbelievable voice. We can’t wait to hear it again, performing all new music in what will be a captivating live show. 

Very few artists can cradle your heart in their hands while they kick your ass. but that’s the power of Emily Lubitz and her captivating vocals. With the super-fun creativity of her all-grrrl rhythm section behind her, Emily prowls the stage with the gravitas of a giant Edith Piaf stalking through a post-apocalyptic Laurel Canyon. Tickets are on sale now – don’t miss it!

Buy Tickets to An Evening with Emily Lubitz Now – $35

ID: Photograph of Emily Lubitz looking into the camera, with a soft focus around the edges. She has a matchstick hanging our of the corner of her mouth.

Three quick questions

Three Quick Questions for Maple Glider

Tori Zietsch the singer-songwriter behind Maple Glider asnwered a few quick qs ahead of her show on Sat 1 Oct

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Who or what inspired you to get into music?
I became pretty obsessed with music as a young kid. I sang in the school choir from grade 3 and started writing poems and songs when I was 9 or 10. In high school my family shared a little netbook computer. At that time a lot of the music playlisted seemed to be all-male indie rock bands. I’d google different genres of music to find the women who played in those genres. That’s when I first remember listening to Fiona Apple, Joan Baez and Nina Simone. I also riddled the computer with 103 viruses from downloading music on Limewire and was banned from using it for a while (my first lesson in paying for music!).

The first show I bought a ticket to was Sarah Blasko and Jack Ladder at the Starcourt Theatre in my hometown of Lismore, on Bundjalung land. I remember Sarah started playing a solo song and made a mistake and stopped and laughed about it before starting again. It made me feel so connected to her, and I was very inspired by it. I realised I was drawn to the humanness and rawness of watching and performing live music. I often think about that moment when I’m playing music now 🙂   

What are you looking forward to about your Sound Doctor gig?
I’ve been conscious of the Sound Doctor gigs for a while now and I’m so stoked I get the opportunity to play one with my beautiful band and Ruby Gill, who I love. I played some of my first gigs as a teenager in halls and I think this may be the first Maple Glider gig we’ll get to play in one. There is something very cosy and warm about sharing music in a hall. It’s one of my favourite settings for music. Also we get to come to Anglesea… hell to the yeah. 

What are you listening to now?
I’ve been smashing Marlon William’s new record My Boy. It only came out recently but I think I already know the lyrics to all of the songs. Ruby Gill’s debut album, I’m Gonna Die With This Frown On My Face. Ngaiire 3, Hannah Mckittrick Shells, Phoebe Go, Coco, Karen Dalton, Juan Waters, Emma Donovan and The Putbacks, Big Scary, and the birds in my backyard.

Meet Jasmin Adria

Jasmin Adria is supporting Ben Lee on Fri 30 Sep (SOLD OUT)

Ahead of her Sound Doctor show, we asked Jan Juc up and coming musician Jasmin a few quick questions.

Who or what inspired you to get into music?
Ever since I was young I’ve been a big fan of music and was introduced to different styles by my dad. We would listen and sing in the car all the time to musicians such as Pearl Jam, Kate Miller Heidke, Avril Lavigne and Bob Marly. But after begging my parents to buy me a guitar when I was seven because my friend’s dad had one, I was hooked. I really loved watching other people performing, local legends and that’s kinda what got me inspired to perform and be a part of the music community. 

What did you love about growing up on the Surf Coast?
i think it’s the people and their views and attitudes towards life and the environment. Being so close to the beach I love that there is a real urgency to protect our environment around us. There is this real awareness that I don’t think is present in many other areas. Also the people are so lovely, there is a sense of community here and people really do care about each other and helping each other out. 

What can audiences expect from your set?
What audiences can expect from my performance is a mix of songs that reflect my experience with being a teenager and the emotions of viewing the world as you grow up. My music is heavily inspired by 1960s and 1970s folk rock, so expect some folk songs with some angst. 

Favourite ever concert experience?
This is a hard one. I really loved seeing Gang of Youths at the bushfire awareness concert back in 2020 (Down to Earth Concert) . They were absolutely incredible. The Foo Fighters in Geelong this year was also incredible too. To see such a huge act who is so legendary was amazing – also the moshpit was crazy. There were also some really great shows from Kate Miller Heidke and Courtney Barnett, who are some of my favourite artists. 

What are you listening to right now?
I’ve been listening to a lot of Ruby Gill’s stuff since her new album I’m Gonna Die With This Frown On My Face came out a few weeks ago, and it’s absolutely excellent. I’ve been a fan of Ruby for a little while, after being introduced to her by my dad and listening to her track ‘You should do this for a living’. I just love her ability to write with her raw and authentic voice and expression of different life experiences. I’ve also been listening to quite a bit of Aloe Blacc after hearing a cool cafe in Collingwood play vinyl and quite a bit of Hozier as he has this radiant and warm tone that I can’t get enough of. 

What are you most looking forward to about performing for The Sound Doctor?
I’ve been a big fan of The Sound Doctor shows for quite a while and have seen some really amazing acts. When I was asked to play I was extremely excited, as it’s been kind of a dream venue of mine to play at for quite a while. I love the intimacy in the venue. I’m also extremely excited to open for Ben Lee. He is one of the big voices of Australian music and a songwriter that can capture the culture here in Australia .

Maple Glider and Ruby Gill to make beautiful music together!

Now that winter is over, we’ve emerged from our hibernation ready to bring more amazing music to Anglesea Memorial Hall on Friday 30 September & Saturday 1 October.

We already have An Evening with Ben Lee for the Friday very close to selling out (so get your tickets now if you don’t have them already!).

Now we’re super excited to announce Maple Glider with Ruby Gill on the Saturday. This gig promises to take you back to Sound Dr shows of old, where you’re serenaded by beautiful sounds from two of the hottest indie-folk artists going around (both performing with their bands).

Buy Tickets to Maple Glider with Ruby Gill Now – $35

Buy Tickets to An Evening Ben Lee Now – $45 selling fast!

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Maple Glider is the project of solo artist Tori Zietsch (Peach with a Z). In the singer-songwriter tradition, her music is centred around the lyrics, exploring intimate themes and often serving as a self-catharsis. Offsetting the heavy-nature of some of the words, Maple Glider herself is humorous, fabulous and warm.

After releasing her hypnotic debut album, To Enjoy Is the Only Thing, last year Maple Glider has been making quite the name for herself, performing her acoustic-tinged, ethereal sound and honest lyricism around the country. The golden sweetness of her music has been likened to a generous embrace and her sultry vocals are reminiscent of Angel Olsen or Big Thief’s Adrianne Lenker, so of course we’re thrilled she can bring her full band to The Sound Doctor.

Joburg-born, Naarm-based artist Ruby Gill is no stranger to Sound Doctor audiences, who fell in love with her powerful lyrics and quirky style when she supported Didirri in 2019. We’ve been waiting to have her back and with the release of her arresting debut record I’m gonna die with this frown on my face today, it seemed the perfect time.

Ruby sings the sort of songs that can quiet a room, induce full body goosebumps and bring you to the brink of tears, all before the chorus. When she performs with her band it will be mesmerising! Come for the wit, stay for the emotional repercussions.

Celebrate Spring with Ben Lee

As Winter officially comes to an end, we’re coming out of hibernation and announcing our next round of Sound Doctor shows. Keep Fri 30 Sep and Sat 1 Oct free as we bring you a Spring weekend of music.

Kicking it all off is the incredible Ben Lee, performing an intimate solo show on Friday 30 September.  

Ben Lee is fun! Ask him, he’ll tell you. 

I’m Fun! is not only the name of his most recent album of pop gems full of songs with names like ‘Born for this Bullshit’ and ‘Parents Get High’, it’s also the mission statement that has guided him through an eclectic three-decade long career. 

As Ben himself says: “I’ve always put adventure as my first priority. Full-tilt, all the time. Fun is the unexpected. Fun is building something, burning it down, then building it back, bigger, weirder and better.”

Writer of iconic Australian indie-pop hits like ‘Catch My Disease’, ‘We’re All in this Together’ and ‘Cigarettes Will Kill You’, Ben is also a renown collaborator with friends and allies like Ben Folds, Sarah Silverman, Lena Dunham, Shamir, Christian Lee Hutson, Zooey Deschanel, Washington, Georgia Maq, Money Mark, Tom Robbins and Josh Radnor. He also runs a podcast network with his wife, actress Ione Skye, built around the couple’s flagship show “Weirder Together”.

There are basically no rules in Ben’s creative world, and his live show follows the same policy: Fun is always the compass. So join us for a night of music and lots of fun in Anglesea.

Buy Tickets to Ben Lee – $45

Support comes from Jan Juc indie folk rock musician Jasmin Adria.

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Exciting news!

Augie March are headed to Anglesea and they’re bringing their hits with them! And Lisa Mitchell has just announced her album tour, with The Sound Doctor being one of her stops.

May 27 & 28 are going to be HUGE! Tickets for both shows are on sale now.

On Friday 27 May Augie March perform stripped back reinventions of many of their best-known songs in a show that not only reminds you why these guys created the soundtrack to the start of the century for many of us – but also why they’re still one of Australia’s most important bands. Supporting them are celebrated Aireys trio Victoriana Gaye.

Augie March | Fri 27 May | $40 | https://www.trybooking.com/BYMBS

On Saturday 28 May the sublime songbird Lisa Mitchell adds Anglesea to her album tour list, performing with her band. Lisa’s music consistently elicits an emotional response and this will be one special show. Especially given we have the transformative music of (we’re claiming her as a local) Chitra to start the night off right!

Lisa Mitchell | Sat 28 May | $35 | https://www.trybooking.com/BYMBH

Have you heard the news?

The Sound Doctor is back in 2022 and our opening weekend in March is set to be huge! See Julia Jacklin Fri 25 & Sat 26 (new tickets just released) and Gordon Koang Sun 27.
Tickets are on sale now!

Julia Jacklin tickets: https://www.trybooking.com/BSPCZ
Gordon Koang tickets: https://www.trybooking.com/BWCAS

A photo of Julia Jacklin wearing a long red coat standing in a lush green public park with the sun shining on her face. Her eyes are closed.
ID: A photo of Julia Jacklin wearing a long red coat standing in a lush green public park with the sun shining on her face. Her eyes are closed.
ID: A close up photo of Gordon Koang singing into a microphone on stage. He is wearing a white jacket with an emerald green shirt underneath. He has sunglasses on.
ID: A close up photo of Gordon Koang singing into a microphone on stage. He is wearing a white jacket with an emerald green shirt underneath. He has sunglasses on.

New dates announced

The good news is that we’ve been able to reschedule the Julia Jacklin shows to March 2022. For those of you that don’t already have a ticket, the bad news is that these shows remain sold out. But, the other good news is that (hopefully) by then we should be able to open up more tickets for sale.

So don’t delay, sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know when tickets are available. You can also go on the waitlist via Try Booking.

Until then, stay safe, look after each other, and we will see you in 2022.

A photo of Julia Jacklin wearing a bright red coat with black lapels and cuffs standing with her eyes closed in the middle of a lush green park. There are some people in the background not paying any attention to her.
ID – A photo of Julia Jacklin wearing a bright red coat with black lapels and cuffs standing with her eyes closed and head tilted slightly. She is out in the middle of a lush green park where the sun is shining. There are some people in the background not paying any attention to her.

Lockdown cancellation for July 16 17 shows

It is with great sadness that the Sound Doctor’s presentation of Kim Churchill (supported by Libby Steel) and Liz Stringer (supported by Merpire) at Anglesea Memorial Hall has been cancelled for a second time, and will unfortunately NOT be rescheduled for a future date at this time.

This is extremely disappointing for us and our volunteers, the artists and for you, our loyal supporters. We are truly sorry.

Ticketholders have been contacted and refunds will be issued this week.

We look forward to a time when going out to see great live music is normal again.